An 18 years old cat was presented with a mandibular abscess, and was treated with Intravenous antibiotics, fluids and pain medications.the abscess was lanced.
Over the course of the next few hours an area of discolored skin developed over the abscess. Due to the quick development the cat was taken to surgery and a very aggressive debridenent was done. The histopathology results were compatible with necrotizing fasciitis which is a life threatening condition which is also known as " the flash eating bacteria".
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A 5 years old DSH male neutered cat was presented due to a non healing uveitis of the left eye.  Enucleation was performed and the histopathology results indicated ocular lymphoma. Ocular lymphoma in cats can be primary, and in these cases chemotherapy is not required, but is recommended since many of these cats will develop lymphoma at a.  In many cases  it is a manifestation of  multicentric  lymphoma, therefore all cats that are diagnosed with ocular lymphoma should be staged and have complete blood work, chest radiographs and an abdominal ultrasound