An 18 years old cat was presented with a mandibular abscess, and was treated with Intravenous antibiotics, fluids and pain medications.the abscess was lanced.
Over the course of the next few hours an area of discolored skin developed over the abscess. Due to the quick development the cat was taken to surgery and a very aggressive debridenent was done. The histopathology results were compatible with necrotizing fasciitis which is a life threatening condition which is also known as " the flash eating bacteria".
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12/21/2011 11:04:44 am

scary and impressive

6/24/2012 04:10:05 pm

Found this link while searching Google, thanks

2/23/2013 02:38:42 am

did the cat live? my cat has the same thing I think

2/23/2013 04:04:31 am

Yes, the cat had surgery and did very well


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